Saturday, April 13, 2013

almost done!

this piece is almost finished!

all of these pieces are fastened together, and the fastening loop for the toggle is done, part of that last crystal attached there on the left

I have one more crystal that goes at the other end and I need to finish making the bar piece of the toggle 

that part shouldn't take too long, so I'm hoping to get this finished today

back in March I sold this piece of jewelry out of my Etsy store

this week the buyer contacted me and ask if I could create a similar piece in greens

after a bit of searching, I found a mermaid cameo in green, and now I'm impatiently waiting for the mailman to bring it (oh, along with a similarly shaped piece that is a porpoise!)

I was hoping it would arrive on the day that I finish the orange crystal piece, but I don't think that will happen -- current update looks like it won't be here until Monday or Tuesday

hmmmm, maybe I'll start on that blue piece with the spikes ---- or that sunflower bracelet --- or... or.... who knows!

I'm  chugging along on this piece

all of the sky part is quilted, all of the tree parts are quilted, and I've almost finished quilting around all of the aspen leaves

still need to add the appliqued columbine and do the quilting of the ground and rocks

I had hoped to have this all quilted for a show that happens the first weekend of May, but since I'll be in meetings for a few days between now and then, I don't think it's going to happen -- BOOOOO!

I am thrilled, however that it is actually going to get finished in the next month --- whoot!  whoot!

time to get busy on today's projects


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AlisonH said...

The bright orange ones somehow made me think of old-fashioned captain's wheels on ships.