Friday, April 05, 2013

putting up the display

yesterday we went off to Pueblo so I could help with the hanging of an exhibit (the DH took some pictures of Kathy and I working -- this one shows my best side -- my back!)

you may remember me talking about the piece titled "Along the Trail"

 it will be on display today and tomorrow in the Pueblo Convention Center -- then it goes on to Salt Lake City for an exhibit there

while we were in Pueblo, we decided we should visit a bead shop that I knew about and had never visited 

I was able to pick up some supplies for a new piece that I'm designing -- shades of blue

a little bit of work on the orange piece currently in process -- 4 pieces are bezeled and ready to go

and this piece is finished -- the next in the Visioning Project

the machine quilting on this one went well -- I'm starting to get the hang of that whole process

time in the van to Pueblo and another afghan square is finished

as for that sweater project -- the sleeves have been removed from the sweater, the seams picked out and the pieces ripped -- last night I started over at the cuff after spending some time writing out the revisions that I need to make to the sleeves  --- the usual two steps forward and one step back

the entry for the quilt show that I was working on earlier in the week is finished and in the mail, and I got another call for entries yesterday for a local show -- there will be more photography and filling in of forms over the weekend

today I need to squeeze in all of the errands and other things that I would be doing in the next couple of days -- tomorrow I'll be making a trip to Denver for a family meeting that my dad has called (prayers greatly appreciated, we're talking about serious issues)

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AlisonH said...

Prayer offered up, and I wish you all the best. I wish too that I could see that exhibit; it looks beautiful from here.

(I think I have my email problem straightened out now.)