Sunday, April 07, 2013

Did I do that?

that is the question that usually signals to me that some art project is going to be good -- when I look at it afterwards and have a feeling of having just been the conduit of its creation

I did this little drawing (it's only about 3.5 inches square) last night just before I went to sleep, and it has that feeling to me

my plan is to blow it up to about 12 inches square and make a quilt out of it

stay tuned.....

it doesn't look like much yet, but the Hoffman Challenge piece has now actually begun to take shape

both of the tree branches are complete (it still remains to see how I will actually handle the quilting and binding of that little piece of the branch that goes outside the frame)

and that odd piece appliqued on the bottom branch there is the body of the peacock

moving right along


AlisonH said...

The dragonfly on the left captures all the exuberance of spring: toddlers jumping, lambs leaping, look ma no hands!

Nancy G said...

With 3-D iridescent wings, perhaps? Neat!