Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Finished, Finished, Started

the testing is complete -- as is this little quilt

I'm pleased with how the quilting went -- each of the techniques tested helped me figure out how to do the big piece I'm starting next

this piece will probably go into my fiber works Etsy store sometime soon

 it's done!

and this one is already in my Etsy store -- more pictures are included there, and if you're interested you can use the link there at the top right side of the blog

 I decided to keep going with the orange pieces since I had all of the materials out already, so here are the first three finished components for the bracelet

one of the other pieces is a crystal triangle -- I've never tried to built a bezel of that shape, so that will be an interesting challenge

 and then there is this

which should be done, now that the button holes have been worked and the buttons sewn on

but it's not

the cuffs are just too big

so I'll be running a rescue line and cutting the yarn below it to remove the cuffs and redo them


earlier in the week I got a call for entries for a quilt show with a postmark deadline of April 5 -- ack!

fortunately I have three pieces on hand that I can enter, but I'm doing a little scrambling to get the application all filled in and the CD of pictures created

time to get back to that

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AlisonH said...

Two days! Good luck!