Saturday, April 20, 2013

Daisies complete!

finished this up yesterday

I like the finished piece -- it's a clean, simple design

and I just may try another version of it -- using sunflowers and a different background color -- we'll see where this will go

meantime, I'm still waiting for the arrival of the supply package that I need to start on the order for my customer ---- GRRRRR!

the quilting on the trees piece is moving right along -- I'm starting to think that maybe I can get it finished for that show --- of course that depends on how many things spring up to get in the way!

the peacock is progressing nicely too -- I have one more feather to applique then I'll have to figure out what the backing is going to be

need to make a run for groceries this morning -- I don't usually do that on a Saturday, but I needed to be at home all day yesterday for the yard to aerated, and the delivery of a couple of important packages

time to get moving!

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

So you were home all day for the package that didn't get delivered? Sorry about that!

I love the cheerfulness of that bracelet--took me a second to realize it's like playing hopscotch on a spring day.