Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review and other projects

a couple of weeks ago this book appeared on my door step

I'd seen a review or two of it on the blogs of some art quilters that I know, and I was hoping to get a chance to review it too

this book is the sequel to "The Natural World" and follows the same format

it has taken me the better part of the time since it arrived to read it -- from cover to cover

I'm always fascinated by how other artists approach how they do their work, and once again Martha Sielman has both talked about each featured artist as well as letting them speak for themselves

I'm sure I'll be returning to this book again (as I have The Natural World) for inspiration

and I can't wait to see what Martha will put together next!

does this remind you of anything you've ever seen before?

when I was a teenager, I did some paint by number pieces, and it wasn't until I finished working on this last night that I realized that it resembled a paint by number

ok, I guess we can call this a "quilt by number" as it is the pattern map for the next big piece I will be starting

right now it looks like there are a lot of little tiny pieces, but by the time I blow it up from 8 inches by 10 inches to 5 foot by 7 foot, those pieces will be a lot bigger!

the next step here is to use tracing paper and colored pencils to create a color map --- and there are still some animals to work on too

one step at a time!

and no sooner did I come up with the dragon fly drawings, this image keeps appearing in my head demanding to be put on paper

its a sort of wonky through the window view of spring

I'm adding it to the list of 12 inch square pieces for the visioning project

work continues on the crystals

the needed pieces are slowly evolving -- just a few more crystals to put bezels around then I can start with the chaining that will string it all together

creative things just keep happenin'!

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AlisonH said...

Those flowers look like my tomato seedlings, which, I admit, are scraggly: I have them in the window to try to keep them from getting eaten before they get big enough to defend themselves by tasting really bad.