Sunday, April 21, 2013

the doves have returned!

from the kitchen window this morning I could see this pair of doves sitting on the back fence

I had been able to hear them yesterday morning, but this is the first time I'd seen them

and usually they are up in the spruce tree where I can see one or the other one, but rarely both

I was able to get this picture through the window with the telephoto setting on my camera (something I have used very rarely since I'm usually taking pictures of things very close up!)

 when I was talking to my daughter she mentioned that Mr Cute needs a cover up to wear when they are doing painting or other messy crafting

hmmmm, seems to me I've made those kind of things before -- so when I was in the fabric store yesterday I picked up this fabric -- which I need to wash and I plan to do some crafting of my own on before I make it into a suitable cover up

this should be a fun project

 the applique work on this piece is finished

the next work that needs to get done is the quilting, which means I need to decide what goes on the back of this before I can do that step

I'm thinking about it

while I was out and about yesterday I did the deed -- because the week had been so crazy I had pretty much given up the idea of getting this done before the quilt conference, but when we went out the door yesterday morning, the DH said "let's go see if you can get an appointment on Monday"

when we walked in the door they said they could do it right then --- okay then!

there on the left side is the braid (which is getting donated!)

it's a wash and wear do, all that curl is natural and comes out when the weight of all that hair is cut off

it feels much lighter

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AlisonH said...

Brave, brave woman, and generous, too. That's quite the hairscape someone's going to get now--and I like your new one too, enjoy!