Tuesday, April 09, 2013

slogging along

Remember this piece?

the voting in the competition this is entered in has begun

you can go HERE and vote for your favorite

the bezel work around these is slowly coming along -- all of the golden crystals have now been bezeled with orange, so now I'm back to the gold beads to create bezels around the crystals that are two different shades of orange 

I'm past the half way point with the bezels, so of course I'm getting antsy to get them finished so I can get on to the next piece! 

the DH had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon

as it is anytime he isn't the very first appointment, we had to wait

I put the time to use finishing up this afghan square --- I only need two more to fill up that box so I can ship it off 



AlisonH said...

Voted for it!

Nancy G said...

Ditto! Hmmm...the yarn in that afghan square looks vaguely familiar. Does this mean it's almost time for another stash enhancement influx?