Sunday, October 04, 2009

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

and just when you thought we were done with "the zebas", here they are back again!

But notice I have done some shading of the legs and tail of the back zeba which makes the whole picture a bit clearer

I'm still working on the elephants -- the quilting is done and now I'm doing the binding and looking forward to making some beads for it

block #11

only one more to do then I'll be setting up the sewing machine to stitch the pieces together with some other strips and get it ready for quilting (which will probably be ready to start by the end of the week)

Last night I put the last stitch in the mystery Christmas quilt. AWESOME!!

and now I'm gearing up to work on the next quilted project --- titled "Trees"

another block complete for the charity afghans

the last time I was at my daughter's, she gave me three sweaters that she has worn heavily and are starting to not look as good as they should for wearing to work (the main place she wears my creations)

these are from the "pastel period", and are made of that sort of soft chenille-y yarn, which (we later decided) does not wear well for sweaters

I'm thinking about pulling those all apart and using the yarn to create a big fluffy afghan --- we'll see how the ripping goes

The transistion of sweater to vest is progressing nicely with the gold yarn. I have now tied up 3 of the 9 balls of yarn into skeins that I can wash and overdye. Moving along!

The stitching up of the mystery Christmas sweater is progressing (who knew it would take so long to work the buttonholes!).

I'm itching to get a new project on the sticks!

My mother sent me this card --- it arrived in the mail with the newest of the medical bills from the ongoing list of medical bills.

With this one the total I'm trying to figure out how to pay is over $4000.

At least for now I'm making a payment on each one every month (a small payment), and hoping that as long as I do that none of them will turn me over to collections.

I got a copy of what the original hospital bill was for the surgery (just for my records) and it was over $13,000.00 --

I'm grateful that I'm not having to try to find a way to pay that

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