Friday, October 16, 2009

odd assorted projects

at long last the winding is complete -- now we're ready to knit

the pattern has been picked out -- one with a very slight textured pattern (just enough patterning to keep it interesting for the knitter), I do have a couple of other projects to finish first though (Christmas is coming after all)

last night I finished quilting the baby quilt, so today I will be trimming the edges then cutting and attaching the binding

48 of 110 blocks are quilted on the album quilt

I have finished cutting the rubber stamps of the lion and the 2 gazelles --- today the DH will cut the plastic for me to mount them --- so maybe tomorrow there can be stamping!

and I've officially lost my mind -- or at least the ball of cord -- back when I finished the zebra piece and tied the beads and the dowel together with the cord, I put the ball of cord in a "safe place" so I would have it when I finished the elephant -- HA! now that I need it, I have no idea where it is, and I'm thinking about either using something totally different that I already have on hand or going and buying a new ball --- you know, so I'll have one to use and one to loose! definately evidence that I need to spend some time cleaning and organizing

it was warmer yesterday, so the DH did the last painting on the garden shed

as in, now even the hardware has a new coat of paint (instead of just little splashes of gray and white and pink)

it now looks like a brand new shed -- better than it did when we moved here 8 years ago (oh yeah, and the door actually seals and the latch actually works!)


we planted the "winter garden" yesterday

I originally had these in the front yard

and originally there were 6 of those little solar powered lights

but after they had been out there for about a week, 3 of the little lights were stolen

since the wooden pieces were made by my friend in California and can't be easily replaced, we decided to relocate this little "garden" to the back yard

when we put them out yesterday afternoon, I told the DH that I was pretty sure our spooky labrador would bark at them as soon as it got dark enough for the lights to come on -- sure enough, about 7:30 she had to go out in the yard to "ward off the strangers" -- some days she's too much of a sight hound!

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