Tuesday, October 06, 2009

quilts aplenty!

the last block of the kitty quilt is done!

and last night the DH set my sewing machine up on the table so I could put the top all together

and this quilt top arrived in the mail

back in June when we went to visit a friend for her 80th birthday, we had everyone that came to the party sign a block

her youngest daughter put the whole quilt top together and mailed it (along with the backing, the binding and the $$ for the batting) to me for the quilting

good timing, given that I had just finished the mystery project!

today when we're out running errands I'll be picking up batts for both of these quilts!

since the elephants are nearly done, it was time to think about new animals to be added to the "out of aftrica" series

yesterday the DH did these two drawings for me

guess there is stamp cutting in my near future!

yarn winding continues on the yellow sweater remodel project, and last night I finished everything except sewing on the buttons on the mystery sweater project

yup, things are progressing!

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