Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what I did while the laundry washed

the dying is done

as you can tell in this picture each hank of yarn took the color in a slightly different way

in fact, there are areas in each hank that are a slightly different color

very irregular varigated yarn!

and just how does one turn those hanks of yarn into balls without a swift?

my solution was to turn two dining room chairs back to back and adjust the distance to keep the yarn from sliding all the way down to the seat

(I wonder how many hanks of yarn these 100+ year old chairs have seen)

I managed to get 2 of the 10 done yesterday -- like before, I need to do these a bit at a time so I don't end up unable to do anything else because of the pain in my shoulder

Finally got this done

It's a texture stamp, and it's all made out of scrap pieces left over from cutting out the many rubber stamps I've done this year

Mammy would be proud -- she always taught me not to waste the materials from any project (come to think of it, she'd be proud of that recycled yarn project too)

This is either giraffe patterning or random stone, and ideas for using it are starting to form

Yesterday I went to the local Hobby Lobby and got another chunk of the lovely stuff that I cut stamps from --- I had enough on hand to cut my lion, but not enough for the gazelles, so the trip was necessary. I had know that since last week, but I was waiting for the 40% off coupon to appear in the Sunday paper (as it does a couple of times a month) before I went and bought the stuff. This trip was possible thanks to my daughter's present to me of a gift card, and using the coupon just stretches it that much further!

The quilting is moving along -- all of the stiles and rails of the baby quilt are done, so now I'll start on the outlining of the 12 cats. And I have quilted 30 of the 110 blocks of the album quilt. Yup, making progress

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