Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prizes and projects

Look what the mail man brought me!

In the Mittnz 2009 challenge, Ann over at Sheep Shots drew names for prizes. Imagine my surprise that I won one of them (even stranger, my sister did too --- cue the Twilight Zone music!).

They arrived yesterday. Two very cool books on knitting -- one very basic with some wonderful simple knit sweater patterns and one with some great knitted toys (including a horse that looks a lot like the one I down loaded earlier in the year).

Great stuff! So now we can start on Mittnz 2010!

you may remember that I was working on a project that involved fall leaves (or not -- it's been a while, in fact I nearly forgot!)

anyway, this is the last block with the applique work all completed -- next it gets embroidery then all of the blocks get put together


I'm ready to put together the Elephants in the "Out of Africa" series, but in this mess that I call a "studio" I can not find the ball of cord I was using on these --- GRRRRR!! So I will work on some other things while I think about it -- and maybe actually do some cleaning to help the "finding" process

The gold wool yarn has been dyed and is hanging again from the shower rod -- sometime in the next couple of days I'll be able to take pictures (after it drys), then I will be rolling it into balls and starting on the sweater pattern the DH has selected

We're having snow and ice still this morning -- it's definately gray and very COLD!

I woke up with a sort of scratchy throat and just generally feeling draggy, so I'll be laying low today. Maybe some knitting and quilting, but definately some snoozing in the chair.

Time for a cup of throat soothers tea

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