Friday, October 30, 2009

winter weather pursuits

it has FINALLY stopped snowing

yesterday's only excursions out of the house were to haul the trash barrel out for pick up and to bring it (and the mail) back into the house

both trips required full winter gear and the application of the snow shovel

makes the time spent working on this little guy seem even more appropriate!

he's been stamped and colored and now scanned

the plan is to print sheets of card stock with as many of these little images on them as will fit (I'm guessing I can get 5 of them on a page) then they will be used on this year's Christmas cards

it's a work in progress

when I started on the knitting projects yesterday, I had 4 items on the sticks --

right now I only have 2

this afghan square is complete -- this makes 30, I really do need to get a box packed up!

I have finished the knitting of the scarf I'm making from the silk lace weight yarn -- or I should say I have finished the first scarf I'll be making out of that lovely stuff -- I haven't even used half of it yet -- more projects to come from that

progress on the gold sweater continues -- I have now done the cast on for the front and back, so it takes a bit longer to knit a row now -- it looks really good too

today we plan to venture out -- we want to make our monthly trip to walmart to pick up vitamins and a few other things that we buy there because it's the cheapest place in town to get them

time to get moving

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