Wednesday, October 07, 2009

projects and shopping trips

Since two quilt tops are waiting to be quilted, yesterday I made a trip to the fabric store to pick up the battings.

I had planned to use a blue and white striped fabric that I had on hand for the back of the kitty quilt, but this fabric just reached out and grabbed me, and since it was on sale, I decided it would make a perfect back for the kitty quilt.

And the battings were on sale too! WHOOO HOOO!!

and while I was in there I found some more pieces that will be used in the Trees project -- redwood bark and "leaves" and leaves for the aspen trees

I'm still working on "blowing up" the pattern drawings --- something that is 8 foot long has a lot of little 4x4 inch blocks in it! I'm about half way through that process, but we are about ready to do the coloring of the sky which will involve applying blue dye with sea sponges

this is an actual finished object!

I started this back in January using some of the yarn that was left over from making a sweater for my daughter for last Christmas.

It's a hooded scarf --- for me (ok, shocker!!)

The deal is that, like my daughter (or maybe vice versa), I like "hoodies" because they keep the wind from blowing down my neck.

There are times, however, that I need to be a bit more dressed up.

This bit of clever designing includes the best parts of a scarf and a hoodie

ok, winter is coming, and I guess I'm ready -- except now I'm thinking I might want to knit myself a pair of mittens that match this -- we'll see

I actually finished another project last night too -- the Christmas sweater project is DONE!

and all of the gold yarn is now all turned into skeins that are tied and ready for the washing

this morning I got several free men's sweater patterns online, so I need to be moving along on the washing and dying on this project

later today there will be pinning of quilt sandwiches -- I'm really glad I have two big boxes of "bent" safety pins so I can actually pin up both quilts while I'm at it

yes, there's nothing sweeter than progress!

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