Thursday, October 01, 2009

NOW it's gray

Ta Da!

We got the shed painted yesterday

We also repaired the door -- for as long as we have lived here the bottom latch has not lined up properly, so we had installed a hasp and loop so we could put a padlock on it

Since we were messing with it anyway, we decided that if we realligned it slightly the bottom latch would actually work

A bit of tweeking and some WD40 later we have a door that closes better than it ever has --- we're feeling pretty good about it!

There is still painting to be done on this --- all of the trim will be white and the DH has decided he will paint the hinge hardware a really dark gray --- but since we are supposed to have several days of really cold weather, that will probably not happen until Monday

We're going to strip the garden today -- we are forcast to have a real freeze tonight, so the gardening season is over for us --- we'll see what we actually get out of it

And first thing after breakfast we're going to get our (seasonal) flu shots --- our doctor told us we should do that as soon as we could, then when the H1N1 shot is available, we'll get that too -- meantime we'll be trying to practice flu safety -- lots of hand washing, eating properly, staying out of crowds whenever possible

time to get to it!

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