Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more Africa pieces

more gazelles

since I was stamping things to send off to my friend in California, I did some more panels for me to play with

the one on the left is from the same stamp as the single stamping I had done earlier

the one on the right is the second stamp I cut -- slightly different

another elephant

the last one I did was the mama with her baby

this one is more the "big daddy"

it is a lot more difficult to do shading effectively on an animal that is already very dark

I may try using some lighter tones over the paint and see if I can actually create some highlights

this stamp amazes me every time I use it --- one of my better "did I do that?" moments

and I rather like the lion

when I first stamped it I was a little unhappy with it, but using the fabric markers improved him a lot

now it's on to putting them into some scenery -- stamping of bushes and trees will be on the list of to do items

yesterday I started working on the beaded aspen leaves for the fall wall hanging -- got the first one about 1/3 done

time to get moving -- we want to get our errands done before the snow really sets in

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