Tuesday, May 04, 2010

and what did you do on your weekend?

we spent the weekend at our daughter's house -- working on projects and generally enjoying one another's company
this was one of the projects

their big dog did a little damage to the carpet in one of the bedrooms and my daughter asked me if I had any ideas on repairing it until they can save up enough to replace the flooring in that room

I took along my tool kit --

so after figuring out how big a patch we needed here I am cutting away the chunk of damaged carpet

fortunately, a strip of the carpet had been left over by the folks that did the original instillation, so we had some carpet to work with

the best approach for the padding underneath was to glue down the pieces

fortunately, the dog didn't actually EAT any of the carpet or the padding

so when the gluing was complete, there was a complete pad under the carpet again

(good thing we're good at jigsaw puzzles!)

on to the sewing

I had on hand several types of thread, but after some experimentation the nylon stuff I've used for years to close teddy bears with worked the best

several yards of doubled thread and a lot of ladder stitching to seam the one place where the rip could just be re-seamed then a lot more ladder stitching to put in the patch

under the seam where the doorway goes into the hall I used more of the fabritac glue to hold the patch

here we have a number of heavy books sitting on it to hold it firmly while the glue dried

(who knew this was why you kept old college text books!)

the finished repair

the patch is a bit more faded than the rest of the carpet, but it looks lots better than we thought it would

hmmm, add one more thing to the odd assortment of things I can do

during the weekend we went to a quilt show too -- I'll talk about that in tomorrow's blog when I've sorted through all of the paperwork!
car travel means afghan squares get done!

here are numbers 30 and 31 -- the beginning of the new box --

the last box full goes in the mail today

the Christmas sweater is now 17.317% complete

time to get to that laundry!!

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AlisonH said...

Thank goodness for leftover swatches. Well done!