Thursday, May 27, 2010

going buggy?

the DH is in need of another bucket hat to wear while working in the garden

I've made a number of these -- most of them with some kind of decorative embroidery

this is the one I did on the fabric I'll be making his hat out of -- looks like a giant green avid!

the embroidery work gets done first on these, then it's on to actually making up the hat

and the DH was real busy yesterday creating some more drawing for the animal quilt we've been designing

he has about three more of these to do then he'll be working on the ones for the sea creatures

hmm, seems he's building me quite a stack of work to do!

I can't complain thought, these are real cute and I'll be doing simple techniques -- not putting on every feather on every bird as a separate item (been there, done that!)

finished the last strip for the Christmas afghan last night

hopefully today I can spread out all the pieces and decide what order I need to stitch them together in

can't believe I've managed to get this thing to this point in only 11 weeks with everything else that has been going on

finished another afghan square too -- this one is number 36

and the Christmas sweater is 73.415% complete

this morning is the meeting of the applique group -- can't wait to hear their reaction to the Memories of a Garden Pond piece

time to get moving!!

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