Saturday, May 22, 2010

gardening, knitting and a new project

you know, things just don't last forever

my old gardening gloves, which I brought with me from California in 2002 had so many holes in them that I could just as well forget to even put them on

I gave them a decent burial

and I got brand new ones -- and its a good thing because I will be hauling big pieces of pine tree away from where the DH will be cutting it off

yesterday afternoon we planted about 72 feet of beans

we had poured the seeds into a plastic container and soaked them, so the yellow wax and the green beans will be all mixed together in the rows because I made no attempt to keep them separate even though I could tell the seeds apart

I'm hoping the hail doesn't come like it did last summer because I'd really like to get to eat these!

earlier in the week I was concerned that we had a rabbit nibbling in our garden, but that fear has been put to rest

the "rabbit" was my Labrador! I caught her taking a nibble of one of the little squash plants! so yesterday after we planted the beans we once again strung up our fence netting to keep her out of my garden

I finished another strip of the Christmas afghan

this is strip number 15, and makes a total of 53 inches worth all knit up (that's 88.333% of what I'm planning to do)

and the holly hocks on the flower quilt are moving along nicely -- all of the "side view" ones are stitched on, and last night I did the first of the 3 dimensional ones -- today I need to go and get some eyelash yarn (or something similarly fuzzy) in bright yellow to create the centers for these flowers
another afghan square is complete -- number 35 for 2010, and this one was made up of the little scraps and pieces from the last box of squares that I had sent off

knitting on the Christmas sweater is going well too, it is now 55.854% finished

yesterday, for the second morning this week, I was off to a quilt group meeting

we were working on quilts as a service project at this group and the "morning shift" had 5 of the 7 we planned to do finished -- so the "afternoon shift" was going to have an easy time of it!

while I was away the DH was busy working on some drawings for the next quilt we're working on -- I love these cute little animals!

I need to do the pattern creation then I can start working on these while he does the rest of the drawings

today we may be doing a bit of yard work then a couple of errands then it's back to the projects!

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