Saturday, May 15, 2010

something to buzz about

for one thing the quilting on this is DONE!!

and I have to say that I still have that "did I do that" feeling about this piece

its so different that what I've done before and the "design opportunity" caused by that little cutting error made it so much better

(Alison was right, it does just seem to move around the center now)

so now I need to trim the edges, bind it, put on the sleeve and the label

this should be interesting -- I've only done a sleeve on one other piece (the little fish wall hanging I did a while back) and a label on one other piece (the quilt I quilted for someone else) -- I'm definitely stretching my experience here
then there is this

I finished up the honey bee yesterday

I still think those eyes are a bit much (they are 4 mm rounds -- and I think a 3 mm bicone would be better), but this is "by the pattern" -- well, sort of

this piece is an inch long and has about an inch and a half wing span --- and I think he's going to be perfect sitting on the top edge of the big sunflower

last night I finished the body of the Christmas Sweater -- 30.976% of the rows have now been knit -- WHOO HOO!!

and I've been "organizing" -- I now have almost all of my yarn out of its assorted bags and boxes and into two big plastic tubs -- looking good!

time to get back to work

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AlisonH said...

That quilt is absolutely glorious!!! WOW!!! The honeybee is nice too, but that quilt. Wow. Gorgeous. Perfect.