Monday, May 10, 2010

Recycling my way

my grandmother believed in recycling long before any of us had ever heard that word

somehow it seemed poetic to use part of mother's day to do something she would have approved of
I've had this piece of garden equipment for a long time

it's sturdy plastic, and turned one way it can be used as a step stool or a seat while turned this way it's supposed to be used as a place to kneel for floor or garden work (note the wood bars on each side that are wonderful to help you get up again!)

trouble was, the foam pad that originally came in this has long since disappeared (actually, I think it disintegrated and I tossed it)
yesterday I took a piece of upholstery foam and an old vinyl table cloth (the table cloth was older than the stool!) and created a new pad for it

here it is all ready to be used for cleaning out the bottom shelf of a cupboard or planting little seedlings in the garden

I think Mammy would have approved

and because I only used about half of that table cloth to create the cover for the pad, I can use the other half to protect the table when I'm working on some dirty project -- like painting or dying or printing on fabric with acrylic paint

the third sunflower is now all attached

I'm really pleased with how this looks -- and yes, I do think each one is even more interesting than the last

I will be adding the leaves to this one then it's on to the next flowers -- which I'm thinking will be the stalk of holly hocks that I think will go there in the gap where the fence board is missing

I still have to create the patterns for those, and there will again be three dimensional flowers involved

the third corner of the Hoffman Challenge is almost complete too, I need to look at the instructions and see what kind of sleeve I need to include on the back -- and I think a label is required too
strip number 12 of the afghan -- this makes 44 inches of this complete -- 73.333% -- edging closer!

and the Christmas sweater is 24.634% complete

today we plan to do the first mowing of the season -- and tomorrow night we could have up to 6 inches of snow -- it's crazy making!!

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