Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the project that keeps on amazing

at least it keeps amazing me!

every time I've tried something new and different (at least for me) on this, it has actually worked -- AMAZING!!

ok, so now all of the holly hocks are done -- my crocheted eyelash yarn centers worked perfectly, and the flowers have just enough stiffness to stand out from the quilt

nice, very nice

so the next step is to put a couple of columbines in the fence gap on the far right hand side of the quilt

I'll be doing drawings today for the patterns

meantime, yesterday we were talking with our neighbor about the planned fence replacement this summer and she asked me if I would be willing to make a quilt for her soon to be born grandchild -- she wants a sea creature theme and a lot of aqua color -- yup, we're working on new drawings and I'm trying to figure out how to price such a thing -- always the scary part of getting paid for a new art form -- should be fun!

the Christmas sweater is 70% finished, and last night I started working on what I think will be the last strip of the Christmas afghan

today there will be shopping and yard work then back to the design work on the new quilt and stitching on the on going ones

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AlisonH said...

How do you even THINK of all these cool things! I love it! (And am in awe.)