Sunday, May 30, 2010

columbines and fooling with the fence day 2

so at the end of our work day, here we are

we cut another 2 foot off the top and bottom 2x4s in the panel on the right hand side so the DH could actually get to the spot where we needed to dig the hole (using the original hole was out of the question since there was concrete there and no possibility we could remove it)

so while he dug the hole, I removed fence slats from that piece we had cut off -- and managed to save 5 of them for reuse -- yippee

so the last thing for the evening was standing the 4x4 upright in the hole and pouring in the concrete around it -- we used the quick setting stuff, so we didn't have to stand out there and hold it forever

next its on to the 2x4s that we will be nailing the fence slats to --
I did manage to do some work in the studio between and after the fence project

the three columbines on the far right hand side are now complete

as I was working on stitching in the white three dimensional petals it occurred to me that I'd done this before -- only then I was using a pastry bag and royal icing!

further evidence that nothing learned is wasted!!

I'm again amazed at how realistic they look and how what I thought would work actually did -- and the centers of the columbines are more of that fuzzy yellow eyelash yarn using the same, if slightly shorter, crocheted technique that I used on the holly hocks

the last flowers will be morning glories -- and I plan to let those crawl all across the bottom of the fence -- so there will be cutting of long narrow bias strips to start on that the next time I work on this

progress on the Christmas sweater continues -- we're at 85.122%; and I have 5 strips of the afghan stitched together

time to get to it

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