Monday, May 31, 2010

further fence foolery and a lot of quilting

in order to fix the fence, you have to tear down fence

here we are at the end of day 3 of the fence foolery

we finished tearing out the rest of the second panel and put up new 2x4 support framing

there are the right you can see the beginning of the new fencing --- like in a knitting pattern -- *one brand new fence board, 2 used fence boards, repeat from * to end of framing --

ah, more zebra fence!
all fence foolery and no time in the studio can make me really cranky

here's one of yesterday's solutions to that issue

another of the small charity quilts for the guild all ready to go

don't you love the orange!?

the only thing I bought for this is the pink (yes PINK! -- there is pink in the paisley pattern) that I used for the back -- the orange pieces were given to me by someone that thought they were impossibly ugly, and the batting was from a bag of pieces from the guild's put and take table

give it back folks -- give it back!

the last three drawings for the animal quilt

and the "map" (got to love using technology to do in minutes what it would have taken hours to do with paper and pencil!)

this began as something with 13 blocks and has grown to 19 -- heh -- sounds like standard operating procedure to me!

I've done the "blow up" of all of these blocks and have started pulling out the fabrics that will be the backgrounds for each block -- a wide assortment of greens and blues and browns to put each individual animal against a suitable back drop

stitching will begin soon!

yesterday I got the "vine" for the morning glories all attached to the flower quilt, so today's work on that will be the little elongated heart shaped leaves -- the local fabric store is having a sale today, so I'll be going and checking out possibilities for borders, backing and binding on that project

the DH finished the rough sketch of the baby quilt we're designing for a commissioned piece

I'll be doing some coloring with pencils on a copy of this later today and working up some numbers so I can give her an official proposal

this is so cute that I may decide to just make it even if she doesn't decide to have me make it

and maybe make an attempt at creating a pattern to make available

time to get rollin' -- the fencing awaits

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