Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Red Egyptian

all finished!

once I started working on attaching the center stone, it went really quickly

and attaching the clasp worked well too

I'm pretty pleased with this

the next beading project will be some little three dimensional bumble bees to add to the flowers wall hanging I'm working on --- the pattern was in a recent Beadwork magazine, and I thought they would make a great addition to the sunflowers and hollyhocks -- and I find that I actually have all of the needed materials already -- whooppee!!

the Christmas sweater is now 25.854% complete -- almost to where I make the bind offs on the fronts for the neckline

since yesterday was spent doing a lot of yard work (we mowed the front AND back yards on the same day), today I'm doing the laundry -- flexibility is important in getting these projects done


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