Friday, May 14, 2010

Better late than never

Back on April 30 I had the good fortune of being able to attend a quilt show that was held in Denver

I took a few pictures, and until I was doing my monthly clean up of the computer's desktop and backing up all my photo files I completely forgot about them (shame on me!)

So, here they are

and in case you think we're stuck on that whole zebra thing -- we just might be

this quilt is amazing

(although I personally would have used a red background -- you know, black and white and red all over -- heh)

this piece is a really big quilt, and I can understand why it won the blue ribbon

while it didn't photograph very well (probably the fault of the person behind the camera), Glenda is in a "bubble" made of that iridescent shimmery fabric that I have used on projects to create the look of glass

very, very cool

yup, the characters, the city, the balloon -- it's all here

and this piece served to make me think about a piece I did about eight years ago -- (when I find it again, I'll photograph it to show you)

I really liked the way this quilt used the black background

it makes the colors used for the objects and the "frames" just pop out of the background at you

and I'd like to know how the quilter was able to get those nice sharp, clean letters -- I'm guessing this one is fused -- I can't imagine anyone being able to needle turn those

and of course I loved the whole whimsical theme of this one especially since it includes my personal favorite "bad for you" food -- the cheeseburger!

when I saw this quilt I instantly thought about my friend in California

the hummingbirds visit her yard every year, and on several occasions have used her deck rafters to build their nest and raise their babies

this quilt does an amazing job of getting each little flower and feather

I also like the way the quilter "framed" the piece -- one very narrow light colored border, one medium colored medium sized border then the dark binding like a frame -- like double matting a painting
these two quilts were part of the Hoffman Challenge quilts that were on display

as I had mentioned before, I had been concerned that the way I chose to use the Hoffman Challenge fabric in the piece I will be entering this year would not be acceptable in that I had cut it into very small pieces

I'm not worried about that issue any more

In the quilt with the bird, the only place the Challenge fabric was used is in the center around the bird, and in the other quilt (which I note won a blue award) the fabric was used for the honey comb behind the bees

Going to a quilt show is a good thing -- it lets me look at other work and be able to say "yes, my work is this good", and it lets me be inspired by other quilter's ideas and treatment of subjects that either I've worked with myself, or I've been think about working on

Inspiration is a good thing!

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AlisonH said...

Gorgeous quilts. That zebra is thundering right off the cotton.