Saturday, May 08, 2010

new bead work and stuff in the Etsy store

here are the first three of the red cube beads strung together

I really like the way these look

the original design instruction said to use those cubes on both the front and the back of the the stringing

but since these are pewter, they are pretty heavy, so I decided to use only the red seed beads on the back of each loop

once I got the hang of how each loop interacted with the long bead this went pretty quickly -- I'm hoping to get a lot more of these strung up today

quilting and appliqueing and knitting continues (the Christmas sweater is now at 20.951% complete)

yesterday I got about half way through the addressing of the post cards for the charity auction -- and writing a list of "to do's" for it as I went (addressing is something that I can do while using part of my brain to "organize" other things)


I finally got this listed in my Etsy shop!

If you'd like to have this for your very own, you can use this link to hop on over and take a look!

while I was listing this one, I also listed a couple of Christmas aprons that I had

perhaps bags soon--


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