Friday, May 07, 2010

moon garden?

it's kind of weird looking

especially this morning when I got up to another COLD, gray day --

(come on folks, it's MAY already, and it was down to freezing again last night -- and the furnace has been running again)

yesterday it was warm, sunny

so we planted the tomatoes -- they each have their own little "greenhouse" created by these neat little paper forms that you put over them and weight down with dirt all around (the DH says he used to do this when he was raising a garden in his parent's backyard, so it's not new technology!)

we were going to put out the peppers and squash today, but it's just too chilly --- maybe tomorrow
finished another afghan square -- number 32, and now there are 3 in the latest box

the Christmas sweater is 20.732% complete

and under the category of two steps forward and one step back, I spent about an hour removing quilting stitches from the Hoffman piece last night -- somehow in the process of working the two bottom corners, some of the backing got rumpled

just not acceptable! so I picked it out, readjusted the fabric, re-pinned the fabric, and started that corner again -- ok, I'm not as close to done as I thought I was, but it'll be right when I'm finished!

you may remember this from a while back

when I had my appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday, I took this to her

she was delighted -- and it turns out it is her favorite color too -- how cool is that!?

I'm really glad I decided to make this for her

and yes, I'm doing fine

(except for the fact that I "tweeked" my back while we were planting tomatoes and had to resort to an ice pack and major doses of Motrin last night -- I guess the weather is making sure I don't hurt it worse by doing more planting today!)

so today's activities include hand addressing about 75 post cards for the charity auction I'm working on -- then on to some more interesting projects!

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AlisonH said...

Hey, I recognize that!

I wrote it the way I did with the zinnia reverse-engineered coming back down because I figured a lot of knitters aren't in love with kitchenering at the center (which is how I originally did it.)