Sunday, May 02, 2010

animals and sunflowers

this is a picture that my friend in California sent me

(well, actually, her son took the picture with his cell phone and sent it to me in a text message, then I sent it to my daughter in a text message and she downloaded it to her computer and emailed it back to me -- wow, isn't technology amazing!)

anyway -- a while back I sent her some stampings of the animal stamps that I had cut so she could use them for a project

this is the project she did -- I love the panels she added -- the foot prints and the zebra skin and the other animal(s?) above and below the giraffe -- because this was a cell phone photo, I'm not exactly sure what those animals are because the quality of the picture is totally lost when you try to enlarge it --

and the tree in the center is awesome -- running out of the center panel where the elephant is standing in front of the trunk of the tree and the limbs spread out into the blocks on both sides where the gazelle and the giraffe are

yup, it's pretty cool to see what someone else saw in these stamped blocks

the "puffy" center was the first one

the other one is the "re-do" with the fabric I just got --

I really like the new fabric, and I did put some batting behind it too, just not so much as was in the first one

and I'm still planning on using beads on top of that to give it even more texture

the second sunflower is now complete -- check out the fabric used for the center of this one

it looks sort of like leopard -- yet it also looks like sunflower seeds -- very cool

yesterday I got the stem for the third sunflower stitched down and did the first 3 petals of it too --- looking good

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*Very* cool!!