Sunday, August 29, 2010

baby things and other excitement

even though I didn't think I'd done much the past few days, things seem to be getting finished

there on the left if the first (probably of many) little sleeper for my coming grandson (still can't quite get my head around that one!!)

and my daughter had purchased a valance for the nursery, but it was way too wide for the window in the room, so she asked me to make a little modification -- I removed the panel with the squirrel and finished off the end -- I'm going to make a pillow out of it as soon as I get to the store to pick up the necessary materials

and I've started working on this piece again

all of the tree trunks are now attached, and here in this picture I've pinned down the first of the branches on the aspen trees

I cut strips of the bark fabric on the bias so I can bend and curve the branches as I go

since this is such a big piece it's pretty hot to work on it for very long at a time right now

but cool weather is coming!

a while back I did a 3 panel wall hanging that had maple, aspen and cottonwood leaves on it

for a while I've been thinking about doing a piece with oak leaves

yesterday I finally got around to cutting the rubber stamp that I need to stamp on the background fabric before I start doing the applique

pretty nice I think

I'm also working on a more Christmas themed piece that has holly

so while I had all of the tools out I figured I might as well cut that stamp too!

so maybe today I'll drag out the paints and have a stamping good time (might as well make all of the mess at once!!)

worked on the pattern pieces for the Dream Rocket piece yesterday too -- finally settled on what I'm going to do to create the "blue planet" part of it, so some progress is being made

a couple of days ago I started another little baby undershirt, and I'm already over half way up to where it breaks for the arm holes

picked up this lovely cotton yarn in the sale bin -- marked half off because the original wrapper was missing

that certainly didn't matter to me, I was happy to get this nice yarn to work with

yesterday morning the DH had to have a tooth pulled -- poor baby

while I was sitting in the waiting area I got this much done on another shawl

I'm using that same pattern I used for the red one

I had tried to use this yarn for a scarf a while back and just didn't like the look of it

this is much better -- the pattern makes a nice "waffle" and the yarn has a bit of "fuzz" to it, so it fills the waffle and makes it look warm and cozy

oh yeah, and I finally wrote the pattern down -- just in case someone asks

lots to do today -- got to get moving!

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