Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Catching up

it seems like forever since I was here

on Saturday morning we converged on my folk's house and did some work for them

during the course of the morning the freezer got defrosted, the top of the garage door got planed so it will close, the edge of the storage shed got jacked up a bit so the door will open and a new light fixture got installed in the laundry room

on the whole, not a bad morning's work!

from there we went on to my daughter's house to spend the rest of the weekend working on projects with them

we made a trip to the fabric store where we picked out fabric -- I picked up these fat quarters to use in a workshop I'll be taking in mid-August (the fabric below it came from my sister and has some very cool and colorful leaves printed on it -- perfect for future fussy cutting!)

and my daughter purchased some fabric for me to work on some baby things for her -- the print on the white fabric there on the far right is to make a cover for the seat pad in the rocking chair we will be giving her -- and there is enough of it to do some other things for the nursery too

the fleece fabrics there are to make some sleep sacks -- and they are blue because on Friday she learned that she's having a boy -- WOW! some adjusting required here -- I'm not sure how to sew in blue -- but it's going to be lots of fun learning!! we're really excited
and I can now answer the question of which fence would get finished first

my quilted wall hanging titled "The Backyard Fence" was completed yesterday afternoon
the little droplet beads have been added to the tips of some of the leaves and grasses

the center of the big sunflower has been covered with beads giving it the appropriate bumpy texture

and the beaded bee has been stitched onto one of the other sunflowers

the actual fence in the back yard -- heh, not so much

while we were away, they got part of the fence boards up

but we're still going to have some issues with those because for some reason they didn't take them down to the ground

which means when my daughter is here with her dogs we're going to have a problem keeping the little dog in the yard because she'll be able to go right under it

seems I'll be installing some additional wood along the bottom

on the whole I'm getting more annoyed with this whole fence thing every day

being in the car over the weekend did mean that another afghan square is complete

time to get to the laundry and the eBay shipping

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