Tuesday, August 17, 2010

making stuff for the nursery

one of the things that is going to my daughter for the nursery is a rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother

I've had it a long time -- rocked my daughter in it, and now it's her turn

she asked me to make a pad for the seat -- she and her hubby picked out the fabric --

and yesterday I finished it up -- it has that cording on the top and the bottom -- and a big long zipper in it so it can be taken off the foam cushion and washed

and while I was at it, I made this bag for the nursery too

it's to hold plastic bags (the kind the newspaper delivery guy brings every day) that can be used to wrap "used" diapers in

the bag has a tight piece of elastic at the bottom so it can "dispense" the plastic bags and a draw string at the top so it can be opened up and "loaded" with bags

and a handy hanging strap so it can be conveniently placed where ever it is needed

this is one of those "just make it up as you go along" projects, and I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out -- I'm hoping my daughter will be too!

one more block for the baby quilt is complete

Mr. Hedgehog

he's a really small piece, so it didn't take long to get him done despite those pointy parts

and the right hand side of the fantasy quilt is definitely filling up!

today we're putting up the first of the peaches -- time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

You're having so much fun with this grandmother stuff! You're WAY ahead of me!