Wednesday, August 25, 2010

when we last saw our hero....

she was standing next to her quilt from the Hoffman Challenge, grinning like an idiot!

I hate this picture of me (ok, I basically hate ANY picture of me), but I'm thrilled about where it was taken

on Saturday we went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival to see all of the Hoffman quilts

I had hoped to be able to figure out who my competition is for hand appliqued, hand quilted stuff, but because they don't actually keep track (or care much) about that, I'm no wiser about it than before
I took these shots of the sign that will travel with my quilt for the next year

soooooo cool!

and I got to actually see the fabric for the 2011 Hoffman Challenge (and yes, we're already thinking about the design for that one -- actually maybe more than one design as I can enter in more than one category if I want to)

so since I was at a quilt show and there were vendors there, I also brought home some additional fabric to work on projects with

these were the 10 for $10 fat quarters that I picked up from both The Quilter's St"itch" and Dream Catcher Quilting (oh yeah, and that bright orange one there came from the Quilter's Studio -- purchased at the full price because I needed that for a block on the baby quilt)

while we were there I also got the batting for the baby quilt -- bought it from LuAnn Farr at Winline Textile -- I like keeping the business in the family whenever I can, and she is a cousin on the DH's side

anytime I visit with my daughter I get project work done too

two more blocks for the baby quilt are complete -- both bears (go figure!)

and the fantasy quilt is filling up!

now I'm working on a big chicken block that goes on the left hand side there next to the bunny
there was knitting too

the zig zag bag knitting is now complete, so it will be going into the washer for felting soon

and I started this lacy looking shawl -- it is moving right along -- I'm about half finished with the 6 ounce skein of yarn, and the plan is to have the triangle just get bigger until I'm almost out of yarn then bind it off and it's done

and three more afghan squares

ok -- time to get busy -- lots to get done!!


AlisonH said...

I have to tell you, that quilt is one of my all-time favorites of quilts.

Bev said...

thank you Alison