Saturday, August 14, 2010

off to do exciting things

yesterday, while I was hanging out in the doctor's office with the DH, I finished knitting another afghan square

I like it!

and while I did not get the outside yard work done yesterday afternoon, I did get the inside work done -- we're all vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, dog toys picked up -- as good as it gets when family is coming to visit (sorry sis!)

today I'm off to do an all day design seminar -- my stuff is all packed -- a whole flat of neatly folded fat quarters (bet they don't stay that way!), iron, rotary cutter, pencils, notebook, camera (I want to record my progress)

I've never gotten to do this before and to say I'm looking forward to the experience is a vast understatement

I'll let you know what I learn (watch for pictures here soon!!)


Nancy G said...

No need to apologize; when I read yesterday's entry, I wondered if it was still okay to come down, since you were expecting "company" on Sunday!

AlisonH said...

Have fun at your seminar!