Friday, August 06, 2010

back to the baby animals

another block complete for the baby quilt

I like this little owl -- it was especially cool that I just happened to have on hand some fabric that looks like feathers -- thanks to my daughter

I used the back side of the fabric for the owl's tummy and the front side for the wings

the fantasy quilt is slowly filling up!

yesterday I finished re-quilting the wings of the Angel of Music quilt which means I have only one more project to complete before next Wednesday for the State Fair --- WHOOT!!
let the cooking begin

yesterday morning, when I could finally get into my garden without sinking up to my ankles in mud, I went out with my basket to pick whatever looked like it should be picked

heh, well

nearly a week of really warm mornings followed by rain every afternoon had worked it's magic

so far I have only one green bean plant that is mature enough to produce (we had an issue with squirrels eating the first planting of seeds), so all of those green beans came off that one plant -- if the others ever get to it we'll be eating beans every night!

and peppers -- both chili and bell -- are doing quite well -- the DH will be making up a large batch of green chili which we will put in the freezer for future enjoyment

those two zucchini are quite a bit bigger than I usually let them get, so those are going to be turned into chocolate chip zucchini bread (my daughter found a great recipe for this, so I'll be using that)

the tomato plants are covered with green tomatoes of every size -- when they start getting ripe there will be canning I think

time to get busy with that last project!

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AlisonH said...

I have my first orangey tomato; they're coming along!