Saturday, August 07, 2010

a whole hand full of projects

I made a trip to one of my local fabric stores yesterday

this is a store I only go to when they are having a big sale on something I need because I hate going in there -- they just never seem to have enough staff to handle the crowd and you have to wait forever to get stuff cut

but like I said -- big sale on expensive item -- I'll stand and wait (oh and converse with a fellow quilter and invite her to join us at our guild meeting next Thursday!)

the green foam in this picture was the sale item -- 50% off on this stuff is worth while

as you can see, I also picked up a few other things -- all of them on sale too! looks like between this trip and the trip I made to my favorite local store I'll have a bit of fabric in the Monday laundry again
tried this again last night -- a bit earlier than 9:30!

amazing how much better it went -- I'm already to the "slogging along" stage of the 4 row repeat that is the majority of the scarf

this morning I've been surfing around in my pattern collection for some patterns to knit up the two "fuzzy" yarns I bought yesterday (that sort of ruby colored one and the brown tone one in the picture above)

today I hope to finish my last entry for the fair -- yippee

on to the projects!

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AlisonH said...

(A jolt of recognition...! Cool!) Hey, for whatever it's worth: I reverse engineered that zinnia for the opposite side, but it looks better if you do it in two halves and kitchener it; I just figured most people would not want to bother.