Sunday, August 15, 2010

what I learned in class

do you remember when you had to write stuff for school about what you learned on a field trip?

heh, well, that's sort of what today's post is all about -- only it's not only what I learned that I was supposed to learn, it's also what I learned about myself

picture number one here is the picture that was handed out with the instruction sheets at the class yesterday

the idea of this project was supposed to be to create a fused landscape that looks as if it is seen through a window

by the end of the day, this is what I had created

going my own way as always, I just couldn't process the idea of making four unconnected separate blocks that were joined only at the end by fusing on the window stiles

I needed to see the entire picture first, window stiles could be added later

I learned how to fuse to put a design together -- prior to this the only thing I had ever used fusing for was to put lettering on track jerseys (and I covered the entire raw edge with fabric paint to seal it when I did that little project about 20 years ago)

I also learned a lot about the way I choose colors and work on things, and perhaps that is as important as learning the technique -- I work better in stages -- usually I work from a drawing that has been through several permutations to reach it's final stage and has at the end been colored with markers/crayons/colored pencils then blown up to create patterns

and even then when I get to the actual fabrics, I may change those colors again

this piece is no different

I was not happy with the "finished" product when class was over, but I didn't know yet what needed to change

by the time I packed up my stuff, drove home and unpacked my stuff I was ready to start making some changes

I ripped the snow off the one mountain and cut it into smaller pieces -- putting a little snow on two mountain tops and in that little valley

and I totally removed the entire water/rock stuff a the bottom

I like this brownish grass-y weed-y looking fabric better

I may cut up some of the rock fabric for the individual rocks to add in there, but already I like this better

and as for the trees? I think there may be one branch of pine needles involved here sort of extending from one side into the picture

and that window thing? probably not -- but I am considering other options -- like a screen door

I'll keep you posted -- and as always -- a pattern is just a suggestion!!

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