Friday, August 27, 2010

stand up and be counted

a while back, when I was talking to someone about writing a blog, she commented that she couldn't see any reason to do that, and couldn't imagine why I did

my response was it is where I make myself accountable for what I'm doing -- not to mention that I seem to have a small, but loyal group of readers (I have a hit counter, I know you're out there!) and that group seems to like hearing about what I'm doing

but mostly we get to show off what's actually getting done

like this, for instance

this piece has two purposes

1) I need some pieces for a show I'm doing in November/December that I can sell at a reasonable price


2) I'm gearing up to knit a shawl with a really fine thread and I wanted to get the feel of having a shawl on the needles

and I have to confess that I liked the whole feel of this one (which is a pattern that I just improvised on the fly -- sort of a cross between a baby afghan pattern that I made a while back and a scarf I made more recently)

and I may knit one more -- I have another bag of yarn that I started to make into a scarf and really didn't like the feel of -- and there is even more yardage in it than there was of this lovely red stuff -- and I have in mind someone I could give it to for Christmas if it looks as good as I think it will

meantime, I find I'm part way through two different blocks for the baby quilt -- one because I got part way in and discovered I'd enlarged the original drawing too much and needed to redo it, and the second because I wasn't going to go crank up the computer at 9 in the evening when I discovered the problem, so I just started in on another block -- oh well, hippos and chickens will all come out right in the end -- as long as I don't mix up the pieces!

time to get moving -- lawns to mow, errands to run

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AlisonH said...

Sometimes a quick, pretty project is exactly the thing.