Monday, August 09, 2010

the last of the State Fair stuff

I finally finished this yesterday afternoon

I'm pleased with the way it came out -- the red lining is perfect!

there will be a dark blue belt when it is given as a gift at Christmas, but for the Fair this is the finished project

while it was my intention to do this on Saturday, my Saturday was instead taken up with a trip to the hardware store and the installation of several rolls of sod

usually the stuff for the fair is completed a bit sooner -- I don't like to "worship at the church of the last minute" because it just creates too much stress -- and I don't do my best creative work that way

but this year it just couldn't be helped -- everything goes on Wednesday, then sometime the end of the month we'll go (with camera in hand) to see how we did

another block for the baby quilt has been completed too

I used three different fabrics to make the fawn - for the legs I used the back side and the front side of the same fabric to get the two slightly different colors

and I started on the next block too -- it's a puppy dog with a bone which will go right above the little fawn on the quilt

remember this?

I haven't worked on it for a while so I could finish all those things that I knew were going to the fair this year

yesterday afternoon I pulled this back out and stitched down the entire left side of the big redwood tree

like going back to an old friend!

as soon as the redwoods are stitched down I'll start in on the branches for the aspen trees

oh yes, and that experiment with the "leaves" for the redwoods

but first there is laundry to do and I need to go fetch some dog food

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AlisonH said...

You absolutely amaze me.

And I've done quite a few knitting projects that were riffs on the texture of redwood bark. I do love redwoods. (Got one right outside.)