Thursday, August 19, 2010

yes, I've been busy!!

busy enough that I just haven't been able to get here for a day or so!
first of all there were the peaches

two boxes of peaches, and they had to be dealt with promptly or they just become compost food

so here are the ones that we canned -- because they were really big peaches we had to cut them into pieces smaller than halves to get them in the narrow mouth jars (which were what I had brought up and washed and had lids on hand for, so I was not switching to wide mouth, thank you very much!)

these are going to my dad tomorrow for his eating pleasure
and there was the long awaited trip to pick up fabrics from someone who has been saying for months now "come and get some of this stuff"

yesterday I did

a lovely pile of landscape fabrics to be made into wonderful things

and she also sent home a quart of pinto beans and ham for our eating pleasure (and yes, they were wonderful)

and I will be doing a landscape quilt for her sister -- a seascape on a Hawaiian theme -- which should be a lot of fun and very different from anything else I've done
this is the back ground of the piece I'm doing for the Dream Rocket project

just one piece of black fabric would have been way too "flat", so I did curved strip piecing to create a more varied texture for the sky behind the blue planet

and this is sort of what it will look like with the next step -- this is the drawing on paper that I plan to do as a fused piece to be attached as a whole piece -- I think

we'll see how that all goes

the knitting on the next piece to be felted is moving right along -- I'm about half way up the knitting having just started the second set of zig zag stripes

and this morning there was laundry (canning makes extra) and lawn mowing

tomorrow we head off to visit with my folks, then on to my daughter's for the weekend -- and the visit to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival to see the Hoffman Challenge quilts on Saturday

yup -- we're busy!!

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AlisonH said...

Now I've got Elton John's "Rocket Man" stuck in my head.