Saturday, September 18, 2010

let the stitching begin

amidst the other projects I've been working on, I've been working on this too

all of the little detail cutting happened while I was on the phone or between cooking chores in the kitchen

and the fusing happened in bits and pieces while I had the iron on for other projects

now I'm ready to start stitching all the little edges

and I've already been thinking about what I want to use as a quilting pattern, and I'm thinking about using words and quotes -- words like "coexist" and quotes like "our children will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin" -- I'm searching for appropriate material for this stage
the mousie is complete!

he's there on the fantasy quilt on the left just under the turtle

so now I have one block to work on

it goes there on the bottom left side

it's a raccoon -- and I can't help it, I keep hearing a Beatles tune running through my head!

one holly leaf piece quilted and one to go!

the one on the left is all stitched and ready for the binding -- and I'm not sure yet what it will be

some sort of gold metallic would be cool, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing like that here on hand, so it will probably end up being either really dark green or black

and I still need to pull out the dowels to use as hanging rods for these and figure out how I'm finishing those too
mitten reborn

this pattern is so much better -- it's amazing!

so one mitten down and 7 to go (although 2 of them will not be from this pattern -- they're baby mitts with no thumbs)

onward, ever onward


AlisonH said...

Things are a little Rocky with picking out the right quotation, eh?

Bev said...

oh my -- you're the first person I haven't had to explain the raccoon song reference to -- why am I not surprised!