Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing to see here....

that's largely because I spent most of yesterday working on the boring, mundane part of doing a show --- tagging and pricing

there are now two cardboard boxes sitting in the dining room that are all packed and ready to go to the store for the Holiday Show -- I'm real happy to have that finished!

work is still in progress on the Charity Auction, but I'm quickly coming to the end of being able to do much but pack up those items too

amazingly, I'm actually going to be able to go to my applique quilt group this morning without feeling like I should be at home working on something -- after all, I can work on that very last block for the baby quilt at group -- and since I want to spend my studio time on Sunday putting the top together and getting it ready to quilt, that is actually an important thing to do

and tomorrow we're going up to Black Forest and visit the Alpaca Roundup -- I'm hoping to find a contact with a spinner who would be willing to turn part of a Jacob's Sheep fleece into yarn for me (hopefully at a price I can afford!) -- yesterday when we were in the hardware store I had a nice conversation with one of the alpaca ranchers that will be up there -- she has 100 of those adorable soft creatures -- mmmmm, alpaca --- sooooooo soft -- I'm hoping to capture some pictures when we go

meantime, last night I got almost all of the second navy mitten knit -- I'm ready to start the decreases for the finger tips, so that should definitely be finished tonight -- YIPPEE -- only one more pair to go, then it's on to the hats!!

time to go grab some breakfast and get headed out to my meeting

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