Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squirrelly indeed

for all that Thursday's activity seemed to be a blur, yesterday's is totally documented in pictures!
this is the fruit that is developing on the plant that the squirrels planted for me

for a while now I've been trying to figure out just what the plant was -- obviously some sort of melon or squash from the shape of the leaves

then when the fruit "set" I thought at first it might be another pumpkin

no, I think now that we've got cantaloupe

now I just have to keep the dog away from it because she loves cantaloupe, and this plant is growing outside the garden fence
and these are the mystery plants in the old compost bin

they're getting bigger and again I'm thinking some sort of melon or maybe cucumbers

unless they actually get to the stage of setting fruit I'll never be sure

and at this point in the season when the nights are now getting down in the low 40s I'm not sure I'll ever know

baby bunting number 2 for grandson number 1

(heh, love that)

this one is a sort of teal color with little duckies printed on it in pale yellow

I have 2 more to stitch up -- one that is bright blue with bright yellow duckies and one that is just baby blue

I'll be working on the curtains for the nursery next in the sewing projects tho'

these are the Swarovski Crystal Rivolis that I've been encircling with seed beads for several days

I've done 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm

still have 18mm, a 30mm and a 45mm one to do before I can start playing with the layout

after doing this many I actually have figured out the pattern of how many size 11 and size 15 seed beads the first round needs to have to make the encircling work properly -- math! -- who knew I could figure that out?

the first land masses on the blue planet have appeared

this is the first time I've actually done something with all those tiny little curvy edges, and I decided that fusing first and stitching after was the best of both worlds (so to speak)

this is moving along quite nicely

I have all of the patterns drawn on the Wonder Under now so fusing the rest of this piece should go relatively quickly

while I was talking to my sister on the phone yesterday (got to love those headsets!) I got all of the borders stitched onto these oak leaf pieces

so today I will be making the sandwiches for quilting -- backing, batting, top, repeat! break out the quilting pins and get 'er done -- got to iron the backing fabric and press the batting first

and let the knitting begin

this morning my neighbor, whom I still owe money to for the new fence that was built on our shared property line, came over with an order for items to be made for her 4 grandchildren for Christmas -- which will help defray the cost of that fence

ya knitting!

yup, art work for medical bills; knitting for fencing -- bartering is a good thing!!

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AlisonH said...

My neighbors lost some of their pumpkin leaves this year--to birds using them for their nests! They had great fun watching and no shortage from the plants.