Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Recovering from Labor Day

heh, well, we took that "labor" part of labor day pretty seriously here this weekend - my daughter and her husband came on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning the work began --

set new stepping stones around the side of the garage -- check
pour new concrete for the back step to the patio -- check
remove dead tree from the front yard -- check (oh yes, and trim the tree on the side of the yard to the neighbor's satisfaction too)
install new ceiling exhaust fan in the downstairs bathroom -- uh, not so much -- the electrical wiring is just too weird -- we'll be calling in someone from our local licensed handyman service -- electrocuting the son-in-law is a deal breaker!
along the way I also finished some more projects

the chicken part of the hippo chicken block confusion is finally finished

and there is his picture in the fantasy quilt too

last night I started on the butterfly that goes way up there in the top right hand corner -- its nearly finished too

so only a raccoon and a fox and a mouse left to do -- looking great!
a completed hat -- finished over the weekend too

and I've already been digging around for supplies to make another one as my daughter expressed a desire to have one of her very own

this was a fund project, so I don't mind repeating it

and another baby shirt too

we're just whipping right along on these projects!

I have finished the applique on all of the holly leaf panels and started on the embroidery of the fall leaf panels and of course simply spaced out taking any pictures --

tomorrow, I promise!!

one more afghan square - this makes 60 since January 1

today there will be laundry and a couple of errands then on to some sewing projects

rollin' along!

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AlisonH said...

Here comes another cute quilt--DUCK!