Monday, September 13, 2010

stitching up a storm

finished up the fox yesterday

and here he is on the fantasy quilt layout

there are now only 2 more blocks to be completed before I can begin the great layout puzzle

that should be fun on its own -- lots of measuring and re-measuring and re-re-measuring! before doing the cutting and stripping and I liked to get all of that done before we go to my daughter's house for the week of charity auction prep so I'll have some quilting to work on
the next little pieces of the blue planet got fused yesterday

this is a very time consuming process -- think of cutting out the most detailed edging of a ruffled dress for your favorite paper doll and you'll get some idea of how "fussy" this cutting actually is

but I do think that the results will be wonderful

and after all this cutting doing the figures that I plan to put around it should be a snap!

the embroidery on the holly leaves is finally finished

now all of the fabric tubs need to get pulled out to search for the fabric to put around the edges as borders

the DH is saying it should be gold --

I'm also thinking a black/red/green/gold Christmas plaid

we'll see what we have on hand

the pillow for the nursery is all finished

and it came out pretty well

the little squirrel panel was once part of the valance for the window

some trimming (to make the valance work on the window); some stitching (to make the squirrel panel fit the pillow) and there you are

and I really like the chocolate colored fabric

so now it's on to the curtains!

work on beading continues too -- the encircling of the largest crystal piece is frustrating me, but that is sort of normal -- the bigger the circle the more rows it takes to get the netting correct

and I'm almost to the thumb on the first of the 8 mittens I'm knitting

progressing on all fronts

so today there is laundry and lawn mowing and then more project progress to do

into the fray!!

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