Sunday, September 12, 2010

more progress pictures

down to only one more of these to encircle with beads -- that big one there at the bottom of the picture

should be able to finish that one today and start on the layouts

the oak leaf pieces have all been sandwiched and are ready to be quilted

(actually last night I started quilting on the red leaf)

still working on the embroidery on the last holly leaf piece, but those are nearly done too, then I'll have to find some kind of fabric for the borders around them

started on the first of the mittens for the neighbor's grandchildren

got this much done of one last night

mittens I've done a lot of, so this is familiar territory!!

yesterday afternoon I got the pieces all cut for the curtains and the pillow for the nursery, so today there will be sewing on those

and as I type this, the dryer is running with the latest felting pieces inside -- we'll see how they look when they come out

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