Wednesday, September 15, 2010

of crystals and mittens

after fiddling with many layouts of the crystals (got to love having a digital camera -- do layout, take photo, repeat) and studying the pictures this is the one that I liked the best

so today I will be stitching it all together

the photos for the contest have to be in Oregon for judging by Monday, so I need to get a move on -- so to speak

I do think this is going to be a really nice looking necklace

finished the first of the mittens for the commissioned job -- I think

this one just looks too long to fit a little kid (size 5 girl)

I'm fussing about it --

meantime, work on the oak leaves continues -- the first one has been totally quilted and is ready for binding and I'm ready to start in on the next one

I cut the stripping for the holly leaves and hope to get that stitched on today so I can get the quilting done on those too

yesterday's sewing project was to finish up the curtains for the nursery -- scratch one more item off the "to do" list!!

today I need to mow the back yard before I get back into the studio and get to work --- movin' right along!!

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