Sunday, September 19, 2010

a pair of mittens complete -- sort of

heh, well this IS a pair of mittens

just not a matching pair of mittens

the one on the left is for the big sister, the one on the right is for the little sister (a brand new baby, so this one has no thumbs)

the baby mitt got started AND finished in the car as we were stuck in traffic yesterday

I also got all of the ribbing and the stockinette stitch up to the base of the thumb done on the second mitten that is for the big sister

shall we say it was a long drive home?

even so, I'm really pleased with the look of these

this piece, though?

not so much

this was intended to be a felted bag with a zipper at the top -- something the right size to use for stashing knitting needles or crochet hooks or colored pencils

except that the darker blue yarn that I used for the top and the bottom didn't shrink at the same rate as the rest of the yarn, rendering this object unusable for it's intended purpose

and certainly not up to any standard that can be used for a sale

I'll be setting it aside and hoping to be able to use the felt in the center with its bright colorful zig zags in some future handbag project -- I can cut it up and use pieces of it

we'll see


AlisonH said...

I'm thinking EZ saying people will put anything on their head. If you cut sideways add stitches could it make a hat?

Bev said...

I hadn't thought of the hat possibility -- I'll have to do some measuring and figuring -- thanks for the idea!