Thursday, September 09, 2010

of mousies and sweaters and canning

one of the remaining blocks to be stitched for the baby quilt is a mouse

the first drawing that was done (its the one on the left hand side) is just too complex for how small the block is going to be -- all those toes!

so yesterday, the DH did me a new drawing -- which looks a lot like a little mohair mouse we made not long ago

so now that I have a new, simpler pattern to work from, the mouse will be the block I work on as soon as I finish the fox (I've already started on him)

yesterday we made the trip to the State Fair grounds to pick up the entries (and the ribbons)

while I'm riding I knit

so this little project that I started on Tuesday is moving right along

it is the first official sweater being knit for my grandson (ok, I'm working on getting used to the sound of that word!!), and since his mama is such a fan of hooded sweaters, I'll be making this one a "hoodie" too

I'm "improvising" this pattern, taking a piece from one and a part from another then improvising the hood entirely -- looking good so far

after we returned, the growing pile of tomatoes on the counter that I had been picking got canned

1 quart jar, 6 pint jars -- and half a jar that went into the refrigerator

time to go out and pick some more

tonight is our quilt guild meeting, and I'm looking forward to showing off the quilt I made for my daughter last Christmas -- it had been down at the fair (won a blue ribbon!), but I'd never had it in hand after it was finished to take to a meeting -- nice timing!!

time to get rolling -- work to do

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